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recent news

April 26, 2013

New Live Video: “This World Can’t Hold Me Down”

So, I’ve been doing a lot of new stuff lately. Lots of pedal videos for NosePedal.com and music videos. Check out the newest video release of “This World Can’t Hold Me Down”, a live acoustic session featuring Nathan Tomberlin, my brother, on percussion. Big thanks to Elliott Eicheldinger for producing and mixing the video! More »

January 2, 2013

We Can’t Stand Video – Starting New Album 2013

Hey Friends. This is a song called “We Can’t Stand”. I had the privilege to write this while with the group Finding Favour, as well as writer Jason Walker. I remember the write well, we were sitting in the room brain storming ideas for the write that day and went through a handful of ideas, coming short. More »

August 31, 2012

Give-a-Way #8: Two Guitars, Electric or Acoustic!

Congrats to both Drew Upton and Terrance Celek for winning the last Give-a-Way of acoustic gutiars! Thanks to all of you who contributed to the website, you have been such a blessing. I thought it was cool to have more than just one winner in the last give-a-way, so I’m keeping it like that with a little change this time. This time, the two winners will be able to choose between receiving an electric or an acoustic guitar. More »

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